GUNDEL - Suitcase damaged on the flight?
Your suitcase was damaged in transit? You are now entitled to these rights!
- Up to approx. € 1,600 compensation per person! -

Please note that any transport damage caused by an airline must be compensated by the airline and is therefore not covered by the GUNDEL Care Warranty.


Your suitcase is damaged?

Everyone knows that relieving feeling when you finally spot your suitcase on the baggage carousel. But oh no... your luggage is damaged! Unfortunately, this more often than we wish because suitcases also have a long journey behind them and are moved multiple times. In the process, suitcases can fall off the conveyor belt, bounce off the luggage cart onto the tarmac or land harshly on the ground when being loaded onto the plane.

The post-flight consequences, such as chipped corners, broken wheels, dents and scratches on the aluminium casing of your GUNDEL suitcase or non-functioning soft-close handles or a bent telescopic handle, immediately stand out upon reception.

Claim compensation

As a flight passenger, you are entitled to up to €1,600 in compensation per person if your luggage is damaged. Here's how you can claim your compensation:

  • Report the damage at the counter of the airline you flew with and ask for a copy of the damage report.
  • Be sure to keep your travel documents, as well as your bording pass, checked luggage label and baggage address tag, as these documents will serve as proof.
  • If the counter of your airline was closed or if you only notice the baggage damage when you get home, report the damage in writing to your airline within seven days of the flight date. Include a copy of your bording pass, checked luggage label and baggage address tag, and a photo of the damage.
  • Please note that there is a seven-day notification period. If you report your damage later than seven days from the flight date, you will not be able to claim compensation for your damaged bag.

Protective measures for your suitcase

Are protective covers and luggage belts useful?

Have you ever wondered why so many travellers wrap their suitcases with several layers of transparent film? This method is also called "wrapping" and offers expensive suitcases and sensitive material protection against dirt, scratches and access by unauthorised persons. Other travellers protect their luggage with a luggage belt or a luggage cover (made of plastic or fabric), such as our GUNDEL dust cover, which is included with every suitcase purchase. The luggage belt does not protect your suitcase from damage, but it does prevent your suitcase from bursting open during rough loading. In addition, a luggage belt with a TSA security lock also offers protection against theft (at least as far as the contents of your suitcase are concerned).

Getting to your holiday destination without any damage

This is how the contents of your suitcase can survive a long journey through air gates intact: You want to be sure that your belongings arrives unscathed to your destination? Then you should already think about packing your suitcase the right way and not put any valuable or fragile items in it. If you are unable to carry fragile items in your hand luggage, wrap them in your clothes for extra protection, or use a tin box that you can stuff with paper or cotton wool to prevent damage.

Please also note that the airline is not liable for damage caused by improper packing!

Everything about luggage insurance

Does luggage insurance make sense?

Luggage insurance makes sense because it not only covers you in the event of theft, but also if your luggage is damaged or even lost during the flight. The luggage insurance pays the current value of the actual damage to the piece of luggage and, if necessary, takes recourse against the debtor (in this case your airline).

If your baggage is delayed, damaged or lost, you are entitled to compensation under the Montreal Convention. The airline's compensation limit under the Montreal Convention is 1,288 Special Drawing Rights per passenger. This is a virtual currency that is converted into euros on the day of the damage incurred. Please note that the general maximum amount of liability at present is approximately €1,600. If a compensation payment exceeds this amount, you can only claim the refund if you have already submitted a declaration to this effect to your airline and paid a surcharge.


FAQ - The most important questions about damaged luggage compensation

What rights do I have if my baggage has been damaged?
The airline is liable for any damage to your checked baggage. However, you should report the damage to the airline immediately within the seven-day period. The airline will then reimburse you for the cost of repairs, send you a replacement suitcase or reimburse you the current value of your luggage.

In which cases can the airline refuse pay?
The airline is not liable if the closure of your luggage was already defective before you started your trip or if your belongings were not packed properly.

Where and how long do I have to report the damage?
You can report the damage to your luggage directly at the counter of the airline with which you flew. However, you should take into account that there is a reporting deadline of seven days from the date of the flight, which must be observed.

I did not send a damage report to the airline, can I still claim compensation afterwards?
It is a legal requirement to report the damage within seven days from the date of the flight. If you report your damage later than seven days from the flight date, you can no longer claim compensation for your damaged baggage.

What do I have to do if the contents of my luggage are more expensive than the compensation limit of about 1.600 € in the Montreal Special Drawing Rights?
At the counter of your airline, you should indicate how expensive your luggage contents with proof of purchase or current market price. The airline is liable for the damage to your luggage up to the amount indicated.


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