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Warranty Terms „GUNDEL Care“

Scope and duration of the warranty

This Limited Warranty extends over 3 years on suitcases manufactured by Gundel Produkt Gmbh and applies, in accordance with the conditions below, only for the first purchaser of a GUNDEL suitcase, who purchased it directly from Gundel Produkt on their online shop or platforms “ebay” or “amazon". In the case of a gift, the warranty period begins with the date of purchase for the original recipient of the baggage.

This warranty cannot be transferred to any third party and isn’t applicable to commercial or rental purposes.

Please note that your proof of purchase is required to validate the warranty.

The following guarantees apply without prejudice to the statutory warranty rights, which you as the buyer are entitled to according to Sections 437 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch/BGB). The guarantees are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the UN sales law.

This Limited Warranty covers manufacturing defects that might be detrimental to normal use of the product:

  • Cracks or breaks in the suitcase
  • Malfunction or defect of the wheels, handles or telescopic handle
  • No longer functional combination locks

What this limited warranty does not cover

  • Any luggage that wasn’t purchased directly from Gundel Produkt GmbH or which was resold, and thus no longer belongs to the first purchaser.
  • Luggage used as secondhand or sold as “refurbished”.
  • Products having undergone maintenance or repairs carried out by a third party prior to Gundel Produkt intervention.
  • Damages caused by improper use or modifications on the suitcase, such as transporting inappropriate objects or using the suitcase as a chair.
  • External damage such as bumps, falls, deformations, cracks, scratches during transport (e.g. airlines, railways).
  • Cosmetic Damage such as normal tear and wear, abrasion, scratches, dents, scuffs, stains, color changes, which do not impair the functionality of the suitcase.
  • Abrasion or contact with acids, solvents, or liquid.
  • Transport and/or improper packaging during the return of the product.
  • Theft.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by airline carriers. We recommend always checking your luggage after a flight (or a train ride) and reporting immediately any damage to the insured carrier (preferably before clearing customs). Most major airlines are willing to cover damages caused by poor baggage handling.

Assertion of warranty

Before returning a product and claiming our warranty, please contact our Customer Service within the warranty period using our “contact” form - available on our website - or by sending an e-mail to "". Please enclose your original proof of purchase as well as photos and a detailed description of the defects, and we will check the validity of your guarantee and issue a return label.

This warranty entitles you to a claim only if you return the suitcase to Gundel Produkt GmbH - address set forth at the end of this Limited Warranty Statement - with a copy of the proof of purchase. If the product is returned by postal service, please follow the packing instructions provided by the shipping company. You are not responsible for any shipping cost incurred including return shipment.

Purchase through a dealer

Gundel Produkt GmbH provides a 3-year guarantee from the valid date of purchase. You can make use of the guarantee in all countries in which a Gundel product was sold officially by us. If you have purchased your GUNDEL suitcase from one of our dealers, you can assert your warranty claims against the respective dealer (seller). The dealer (seller) is responsible for rectifying defects, not the manufacturer.

Warranty services

Gundel Produkt shall examine the product and if, after verification, Gundel Produkt concludes that your claim is covered by the warranty, Gundel Produkt will repair or replace your product within 30 days. The warranty will continue on the repaired or replaced baggage, but the original warranty period will not be extended. A different color may be returned if the original color is no longer available. The warranty is limited to the value of the product.

Gundel Produkt shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages (eg. financial loss or shipment issue).

Repaired or replaced Gundel Produkt suitcases continue to be covered by this Limited Warranty Gundel Care. The original Warranty period is however not extended.


This warranty is provided by

Gundel Produkt GmbH
Gewerbestraße 11
91166 Georgensgmünd

granted and subjected to the Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany - excluding the applicability of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

It shall apply without prejudice to the statutory warranty rights to which you as the purchaser are be entitled to according to Sections 437 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch/BGB) - or other country-specific rights which may differ in the way they regulate liability for defects, compensation claims and consequential damage.